About Us

Water Purification Hub is a website setup with the intention of promoting water filtration and environmental concerns to readers across the world. We have a particular focus on the contaminants that are found in tap water within the United States.

Our information is compiled from experts across the web and summarize it in terms that the average consumer can understand. Think of us as a news source and consolidator for everything related to water.

From time to time we will provide comprehensive reviews, buying guides, and information about water filtration devices and other water products that you can purchase from your home.

We earn a commission on most, not all, of the products that we promote. This allows us to keep the site running. However, the commission has no bearing in whether we recommend a product or not. You can read our affiliate disclosure by clicking this link.

If you would like to write an article for us, then please contact us from our contact page.

Our Staff

Editor-in-Chief: James Waardenburg

(I’m writing this in 3rd person) James is just a regular guy that is obsessed with clean water. He took that passion to the web and started Water Purification Hub in early 2018 with the goal of raising awareness about problems with our tap water. This eventually led to suggesting solutions to solve these water problems.

Eventually, the website evolved into suggesting the best solutions to a variety of different water related topics. We still raise awareness about problems too, but now with a much broader focus.

Lead Contributor: Joseph Walker

I’ve known Joe for years and hired him to build my site. He shares my passion about water, so he was my first writing hire. Like me, he’s just a normal guy. Unlike me, he can condense complicated scientific topics into easy to understand concepts. Plus, he’s a great writer.