black plastic water coolerToday we are giving an in-depth review of the Aquverse A3500-K Bottleless Water Cooler. We will cover the features, what we like, what we don’t like, and give our final verdict.

We’ll finish the review up by covering some of the frequently asked questions that you might have.


Dimensions: 43.75″ x 12.5″ x 12.5″

Color: Black

Cold Temperature: 38 – 58 F

Hot Temperature: 185 F

Room Temperature? No.

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Weight: 33.0 pounds

Self Cleaning? No

Filter Light? Yes.

Tank Size: 0.5 gallons for hot water. 0.6 gallons for cold water.

Fill Rate: 16 ounces in about 8 seconds.

What We Like

  • No bottles necessary

We love that the A3500-K is a bottleless dispenser. You hook the system up into the main plumbing line and that’s pretty much it as for as installation and maintenance goes.

It really is super simple. You don’t have to worry about storing and loading those big plastic water bottles.

  • Hot and Cold Water

This system has both hot and cold water. The hot water is really hot (185 F) and the cold water is really cold (37-58 F). It is stored in a small holding container, so you always have some hot or cold water whenever you want.

  • Fast flow rate

You can fill up 16 ounces of water in 8 seconds. That is extremely fast for a water dispenser. In fact, that is one of the fastest dispensers on the market.

This is great if you’re a business owner. Your employees will have less excuses to stay linger at the water fountain. That was always a big issue at my last job.

We can’t guarantee that this unit will prevent your employees from lingering at the water cooler.

  • Filter Light

This is has a red filter light that turns on when it is time to change the filter. There is no keeping track of when the filter was changed in the calendar or anything like that. Honestly, most people change the filter one or two times and then never change it again.


The guarantees that you always have clean water.

  • Looks great.

This is an entirely black plastic system. It looks modern and fancy. Obviously, you want something that makes your office look clean, modern, and fancy.

You don’t want to have an expensive office ruined by an ugly white plastic water dispenser. Those look so drab and depressing. I get a mini panic attack every time I see one of those, seriously.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

This isn’t self-cleaning, which is annoying. However, it is easy to clean because it doesn’t have a water bottle on the top. Really, all you have to do is clean the filter and wipe down the spigot. Some people like to clean the container frequently, but you really only have to do that once a year.

All you need to do is flush some soap and water through the system and it is clean. It’s not that difficult.

  • Warranty

It has a standard one year warranty, which covers any defects. This is somewhat standard, but it goes to show that Aquverse stands behind their products. They won’t make a mistake in the manufacturing and then leave you hanging.

Good job Aquverse.

  • Dual float system to prevent overflows

This system has something special called a dual float system. Basically, there are little float things and they cut off the flow of water before it can flood.

It’s similar to the device used to stop a toilet tank from overflowing.

You really need a feature like that in a bottleless system or else you will have an infinite amount of water spilling all over your office. That is one of the big concerns about buying a bottleless water disepsner…

That isn’t an issue with the A3500-K.

What We Don’t Like

  • Might be difficult to install

Our biggest complaint is that this system is difficult to install. Now, I’m not talking about it requires a little bit of work.

No. You literally might have to cut into your wall and cut pipes to hook this system up.

It can be a pain in the butt depending on where your water line is located. We recommend that you hire a plumber if you cannot easily access your plumbing line.

Final Verdict

We really, really like this water cooler. In fact, this is our favorite system. Our only issue is that it can be difficult to install and that it does not have room temperature water.

Both of this are relatively minor concerns. No one really likes room temperature water and installing it is a one-time expense.

The benefit of not having to change out the water bottle every day is huge. Plus, it looks great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this have a filter?
Yes. It has a carbon filter.
Will it leak and flood my office?
It has a float system that should prevent leaks. Granted, accidents can always happen, but it would be unexpected.
What material is the stainless steel made from?
It is 304 stainless steel.
How many years will it last?
10-15 years.
What temperature is the cold water?
38-58 degrees. This depends on how long the water has been in the cold tank.
What temperature is the hot water?
185 degrees.