Drinking one gallon of water per day has amazing health benefits, yet most people drink nowhere near that amount of water per day. A lot of the reason people don’t drink enough water has to do with the bad taste, or health hazards, of unfiltered tap water.

Tap water just has a weird taste to it that many people do not like or may be deadly in certain locations. Thankfully, solution exists to this problem and that is water filtration and purification. However, finding the best water filter pitcher that solves all your needs at the right price point may be a difficult task.

How Our Team Chose the Best Water Filter Pitcher

First, our team of experts examined the three main factors in water filtration: contaminant removal, speed of filtration, and taste.

Removing contaminants is the most important, and heavily weighted, criteria while reviewing a water filter pitcher. However, speed and taste both play important roles while choosing the best water filter and are weighted accordingly.

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Comparison of the Best Water Filter Pitchers

 Aquagear Water Filter PitcherpH Restore Alkaline Water PitcherBWT Premium Water Filter PitcherWaterdrop Extream Water PitcherAmazonBasics 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter
Filter Life150 gallons96 gallons60 days200 gallons40 gallons (60 days)
Pitcher Capacity1 gallon.92 gallons.71 gallons.625 gallons.625 gallons
Weight3.02 pounds1.32 pounds2.2 pounds2.45 pounds2 pounds
Removes FluorideYesYesNoNoNo
WarrantyLifetime1 yearN/A1 yearNo
PriceView PriceView PriceView PriceView Price View Price


Our Choice: Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Aquagear Best Water Filter Pitcher

The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is hands down the best water filter pitcher available on the marketplace today. This filter can remove lead, chlorine, fluoride, and a multitude of other heavy metals from your water. It does allow magnesium and calcium through the filter, which is a great benefit as most adults have a magnesium deficit. Calcium is of course excellent for the health of the bones and teeth.

There are a few more benefits besides the amazing filtration. First, the Aquagear is made in the USA, which ensures the quality that you’d expect from a product made in America. Next, this pitcher has no BPA in it. You don’t want to store your clean and filtered water in a container that has BPA. That almost defeats the purpose of buying a filter in the first place!

You get great filter life on this pitcher with approximately 150 gallons of use. The industry average is about 40 gallons for comparison.

Finally, AquaGear stands behind their products and has a lifetime guarantee and will replace your pitcher for free if it ever breaks.



  • Removes the most contaminants of any water filter pitcher on the market.
  • Keeps calcium and magnesium in the filtered water.
  • Made in America.
  • BPA-Free


  • Slightly more expensive than other options.


Runner Up: pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher

pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher

The pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher is a little different than the other water pitchers we’ve reviewed. This filter still removes heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride from your water. The main benefit of this filter is that it raises the pH level of the water to make it less acidic. This less acidic water is called alkaline water.

Some studies have shown that alkaline water may have anti-aging properties, improve the health of skin and hair, and improve the immune system. We aren’t qualified to verify all of those claims here at Water Purification Hub. However,we can say that alkaline water does taste better than normal water.



  • Alkaline ionized water can improve health.
  • Remineralization process adds calcium and selenium.
  • Removes lead, arsenic, and other heavy metals.
  • Removes chlorine and fluoride.
  • The PH002 Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane Filter will remove 99.99% of the organic and inorganic matter in water.
  • 96 gallon filter capacity.


  • Slow filtration.

Runner Up: BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher

BWT Water Filter Image

The BWT comes in a close second to the Aquagear. The BWT Water Filter Pitcher uses a magnesium based filter to filter the water. This means you not only get the benefit of having filtered water, but you get added magnesium to your water.

Using magnesium might sound like a bad thing, but it’s actually a great thing. Most adults have a magnesium deficiency. The added magnesium from the filter will actually raise your magnesium intake and keep you healthy. It also makes the water taste better.

This filter is made in the European Union (EU), which means it has no BPA as BPA is banned in the EU. You also get quality European craftmanship,



  • Removes heavy metals and chlorine.
  • Enhances the water with magnesium.
  • No presoaking needed to activate the filter
  • Silver in the filter helps stop development of bacteria


  • Removes calcium.
  • Does not remove fluoride.

Runner Up: Waterdrop Extream Pitcher

Waterdrop Water Pitcher

The Waterdrop Extream pitcher makes the list because of it’s elegant design and efficient flow technology more than anything else it offers. The filter will eliminate bacteria due to silver particles located within the filter. However, the filter offers very limited removal of heavy metals or chlorine.

The design features are impressive. It has a comfortable wood handle that looks great and has a non slippery grip. Next, it has a shatter-proof pitcher body. It won’t break or crack if you drop it, and you will eventually drop a water pitcher, which our team found quite impressive.

This filter has an extremely long filter life with approximately 200 gallons before requiring replacement. You never have to worry about when to replace the filter because of the electronic display that indicates when you need to change the filter.



  • Excellent design.
  • 10 cup capacity.
  • Extremely fast filtration speed compared to other pitchers on the market.
  • Anti-slip silicon on the bottom of the pitcher.
  • Shatter-proof pitcher body.


  • Does not remove chlorine.

Runner Up: AmazonBasics Water Filter Pitcher

AmazonBasics Water Filter Pitcher

The AmazonBasics water pitcher with filter is fairly basic as the name suggests. Don’t let the name completely fool you though. This water pitcher has an electronic sensor that indicates when to replace the filter.

Additionally, it reduces the chlorine found in the water and the filter removes copper, benzene, mercury, and limescale. Those elements all make water taste bad, so if you want better tasting water at a very effective price, then this is the filter for you.

Finally, this pitcher looks strikingly similar to the equivalent Brita filter. AmazonBasics is known to sometimes use the same factory as major brands, so you very well may purchase a Brita filter at half the cost.



  • Low Price.
  • Removes mercury, copper, benzene, and limescale.
  • Make the water taste better.
  • BPA-free


  • Does not remove chlorine or bacteria.

Final Thoughts

All of the water pitchers listed here make great choices for your kitchen. Our team tried to include a water pitcher for every level. Keep in mind, all these products are all available on Amazon and are Prime eligible. So you get fast and free 2-day shipping and Amazon’s excellent customer service guarantee.