Brondell Circle Reverse Osmosis System

brondell ro system
Brondell Reverse Osmosis system with faucet.

The Brondell Circle reverse osmosis system is one of the top reverse osmosis systems available on the market. It has a few things that we like such as being super-efficient, looking great, a compact size, an LED filter change light, and a WQA Gold Seal certified filtration system.

Of course, it has some things we don’t like such as the price. However, the benefits of this system definitely outweigh the negatives and we still recommend it for the right person.


brondell ro under a sink
Brondell RO in action.

This is a four stage reverse osmosis system. All the filters have a WQA Gold Seal certification, which means they are high quality. The four stages are as follows.

1st stage: Sediment Filter – This removes only the largest contaminants found in the water. Think of stuff like rust, dirt, pond scum, and other large stuff that somehow ends up in your water supply.

2nd stage: Pre-carbon filter – This mostly removes chlorine and other soluble contaminants. Chlorine reduces the life of the reverse osmosis membrane, so this stage is especially important to protect the life of your filter.

3rd Stage: RO Membrane – The membrane works by pushing water through a very fine membrane. Contaminants get caught in the membrane. In fact, most contaminants get stuck in the membrane. Over 1000 to be exact and over 90% of all of them. Yes, this includes fluoride. RO is the best way to remove fluoride from water.


A reverse osmosis system goes under the sink, so style isn’t TOO important. However, you still want it to look respectable. This unit is basically a black box with the filter stuff inside the box. This makes it look great while also reducing the chances that you will accidentally damage the unit.

A win-win type situation and something we definitely like about this unit.


This is one of the more efficient reverse osmosis systems on the market. It only wastes 2 gallons of water for every 1 gallon of filtered water that it produces. This is because of the back pressure reducing smart valve that it has in place.

Most systems have a lot of backpressure when the storage tank is full, which produces a lot of waste water when topping off the storage tank.


Brondell has one of the better warranty programs in the industry. They offer a one year comprehensive warranty on all parts (except the filter) for the first year. Just keep your receipt and take it to Brondell authorized service center.


Another super easy unit to install. The instructions that come with the unit are very comprehensive and easy to understand, which makes installing this unit a cinch. I’d wager that most homeowners can probably install this unit on their own. The hardest part is drilling a hole in your sink. However, that may not be required depending on if your sink already has a hole.

It’s also pretty easy if you have a metal sink. A thick ceramic sink will be much more difficult to install.

Also, there are some great videos on YouTube on how to install a reverse osmosis system if you’re more of a visual learner.


Maintenance is simple with this type of system. All you really have to do is change the carbon filters.

Brondell makes this super easy with a flashing red LED light. This will appear once 6 months have passed or 475 gallons of water has been filtered.

It doesn’t really get any easier than this for changing the filter. You don’t have to rely on the water pressure dropping or checking the TDS of the water. Now, 6 months might be premature depending on the quality of your tap water and how frequently you use the system. For instance, if you live in Maine (very pure tap water), then you will probably have a slightly longer filter life compared to someone in Florida (heavily chlorinated tap water).

However, this is just a precaution that the manufacturer takes. They also want you to buy replacement filters (that’s how they make their money).

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