CO-Z Water Distiller Countertop 4 literThe CO-Z 4 liter water distiller is one of the better water distillers available on the market. This guide will give a brief overview of the features. More importantly, we will cover the different features that we like, what we don’t like, and then offer a final verdict.

I’ll give a hint, we like this system and recommend it if you’re looking for a water distiller.  Check out our article that covers some of the greatest water distillers on the market.


Dimensions: 18.9” x 10.2” x 11.4”

Time to Distill One Gallon: 4 hours

FDA Approval: Yes

Automatic Shutoff: Yes, at 300 degrees.

Warranty: 1 year

What We Like

  • FDA Approval

First of all, this unit has been approved by the FDA, which is pretty unique. None of the other water distillers on the market have this designation. However, they all work the same way. I wouldn’t put too much into this designation, but it does provide some reassurance.

  • Somewhat fast distillation speed

The fast distillation speed is one of the bigger benefits of this system. It should only take 4 hours to produce one gallon of distilled water.

You can make the process faster by filling the container with hot water. This saves you some time while waiting for the water boil. You can expect to save maybe 30 minutes of time if you place hot water in the system.

  • Easy to Use and Maintain

This is a pretty system to use. You literally just pour water into the container and press a button. You then wait 4 to 5 hours and you will have a one gallon of distilled water. It really is that easy.

Further, maintenance on this is pretty easy. You just have to clean out the sediment from the container every week or so. Just get a wet rag, some hot water, and scrub out the sediment.

  • Warranty

CO-Z has a 1 year warranty on their water distiller. There really isn’t much to write about it here. We like to see manufacturers that offer a warranty because it shows that they stand behind their product against any kind of manufacturing defects or something.

It adds some credibility.

  • Extra carbon filter

If you want to drink distilled water, then you should filter it through a carbon filter. This will remove the VOC (volatile organic compounds). These are compounds that evaporate with the water.

Fortunately, a carbon filter will remove the VOCs and make the water taste better.

  • Rubber Feet

This is one of the small little things about the system that we love. The rubber feet make it sit steady on the counter. Basically, it won’t slide around or scratch your countertop.

We can’t complain about that. Just a nice small thing that they added to the system.

  • Stainless steel container

Finally, they use a stainless steel container. This keeps the taste neutral. If they were to use plastic, then some of that plastic taste would leech into the water. Furthermore, some of those petrochemicals would leak into the water.

The full effects of petrochemicals are not full understood.

What We Don’t Like

  • Lots of heat

So, this unit gives off a lot of heat. Some reviewers have likened this to a mini spaceheater. While we disagree that it is like a space heater, we will say that it is a lot of heat.

This is somewhat annoying if you have it in a small room. It won’t heat up the room or anything. However, it will make the area around the distiller warm.

Just be careful where you place. Don’t place it near plastic or chocolate.

  • Plastic jug and spout

We really don’t like this. CO-Z goes through all the work to make a unit that does not touch plastic, but then they ruin that by placing the water in a plastic container and having a plastic tap.

This is a pretty big deal for some people, us included, and really knocks down our opinion of the product. The reason this is a big deal is that the plastic taste can, and will, leach into the water from the plastic.

You can somewhat mitigate this risk by purchasing your own glass container. Why not ship the unit with a  glass container, CO-Z?

  • White plastic looks ugly

This falls more into the opinion realm. I personally don’t like the look of white plastic. Perhaps this is a flashback to my 90s kid upbringing.

Either way, I don’t like white plastic and think it looks ugly. I wouldn’t purchase this system just because of that. However, I know that this is a minor point for most people. So I won’t use this particular point in my final verdict.

Final Verdict

Our final verdict is that you should purchase this system. The entire system is FDA approved, which means the water is safe to drink. Plus, it has a one year warranty.

Our only real issue is the plastic container used to store water when you finish. We recommend using a glass container to ensure the water tastes great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it give off heat?
Yes. It gives off quite a bit of heat and you can definitely feel it. However, it should not heat your home or anything.
Can it distill alcohol?
It can distill alcohol. However, it is not designed to distill alcohol. You will have to carefully monitor the temperature. We don’t recommend using this to distill alcohol.
What type of stainless steel is this made from?
It is made from 304 stainless steel.
Is this cheaper than buying distilled water?
This depends on how much distilled water costs and how much electricity costs. It’s probably slightly cheaper than purchasing distilled water.
Does this hook into the water supply?
No. You add the water into the container yourself. It is a countertop unit.