Finding the perfect glass bottle can get very confusing very quickly. This is because there are thousands of different bottles available on the market and they all work in seemingly the same way. Most people might opt to get the cheapest bottle available, but this is not usually the best idea. There are still differences between the bottles. Unfortunately, the cheapest bottle will often leave a lot to be desired quality wise and makes an unwise choice.

Our Recommendation: Xtremeglas 32 oz Glass Water Bottle

This article will go over some of the differences between the top bottles. We will also recommend the best bottle for specific activities, which will give you a better idea of finding a bottle that fits your needs.

Review Criteria

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We have some criteria that each bottle is measured against. Now, we have thousands of bottles to compare, so that is why we needed some tight criteria for this article compared to some of our other articles.

  • Type of glass: There are different types of glass and each has their own characteristics. We made sure to choose only the best glass products for this review. In this case, that means glass that is strong and durable. We don’t want a weak crystal type glass that will easily break (eg. Wine glass). Borosilicate is generally considered the strongest and most desirable glass due to it’s durability and ability to handle large temperature changes. If you want to avoid glass breaking, then you might want a hard plastic water bottle.
  • Capacity: The most important criteria, in our opinion, is the capacity of the bottle. You probably do not want a small bottle, but you also do not want a bottle so big that it is burdensome to carry around.
  • Lid Features: Different manufacturers have different features on the lid. This could include a rubber drinking spout or one that requires biting to open. It varies a lot and each one has its own specific purpose. We’ll go over the features of the lid on each specific bottle.
  • Dimensions: This is an important criteria. It includes the dimensions of the bottle itself
  • Bonus Features: Bonus features include things like carry straps and measurement lines on the bottle. These things are not particularly important for the function of the bottle, but they are a nice thing for the bottle to include.

Glass Water Bottle Reviews

Highly Rated: Zulu Atlas Glass Water Bottle

Zulu Atlas Glass Water Bottle with Flip Lid

First on our list is the highly rated ZULA Atlas 20 oz Glass water bottle. Now, this bottle receives high marks from Amazon and other review sites. We like that it comes in a wide range of different colors, 9 to be exact, so you have plenty of choice.

The glass is soda lime, nothing special there. It does not have any BPA or PVC, which is standard industry practice nowadays. Either way, you don’t want BPA or PVC in your glass drinking container because it can easily leak into the water.

Other than that the flip lid works great for one handed use. It also just looks cool. I personally think this is the most stylish water bottle on the list, so that always helps when making a buying decision.

Type of Glass: Soda lime

Liquid Capacity: 20 oz

Lid Features: Hard plastic lid with a button release. No spout to drink out of, but it does have a wide mouth opening. This makes it great for loading ice cubes or tea bags.

Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 10.3 inches

Car cup holder? No.

Bonus Features: Silicon grip that improves the grip and also increases the shock resistance. It also has a carry loop that you can use to easily attach to your backpack.

Best Grip: Lifefactory 22 oz Glass Water Bottle

Lifefactory 22-Ounce BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle

If you want a glass bottle that has a good grip, then it doesn’t get any better than the Lifefactory 22 oz glass water bottle. The exterior of this bottle is mostly silicon. There is barely any glass exposed. Just look at the picture!

Anyway, this makes it great if you plan on carrying the bottle for an extended period of time. Glass is actualy somewhat slippery, so it is something that you might have to worry about.

Now, the soda lime glass this bottle is made of contains no BPA or phthalate and all the materials have been approved by the FDA. So you don’t have to worry about that. In fact, the glass is made in France and the silicone grip is made in America.

Type of Glass: Soda lime

Liquid Capacity: 22 ounces

Lid Features: Silicon lid with a pop top. It has a small mouth opening, but you can unscrew the lid for cleaning or to add ice.

Dimensions: 3.6” x 3.6” x 10.8”

Car cup holder? No.

Bonus Features: Protective silicone sleeve. Silicone flip top too, but this is not the kind that will keep it sealed while held upside down. The main advantage of this bottle is the excellent silicone grip.

Best for Traveling: Xtremeglas 32 oz Glass Water BottleXtremeglas 32 Oz Glass Water Bottle Silicone Sleeve

For all you travelers, this is the bottle for you. Now, a travel water bottle needs a few things that a regular day to day bottle does not need.

First, you need to have some extra durability since you are traveling and this increases the chances of damage. Next, you want some big capacity for liquid because you don’t want to constantly refill it while on the go.

The Xtremeglas meets all those criteria. This bottle has a 32 oz capacity, which is massive.  You don’t really have to worry about ever refilling this bottle throughout the day.

As for the durability, the glass is borosilicate, which makes it much tougher than soda lime glass. Furthermore, this bottle is leak proof and has a silicone sleeve. Specifically, the stainless steel lid is much less likely to leak than an inferior silicone lid. The stainless steel lid even has a pouch that allows you to infuse essential oils into your water. That is pretty cool.

Finally, we really like the time lines on this bottle. These make it easy to drink the proper amount of water each day.

Type of Glass: Borosilicate

Liquid Capacity: 32 oz

Lid Features: Stainless steel lid that will not leak. Carrying lanyard on the lid.

Car cup holder? Yes!

Bonus Features: Protective silicon sleeve and time lines.

Best Borosilicate Bottle: Kablo Glass Water Bottle

Kablo Glass Water Bottle

Looking for the best possible borosilicate bottle?

Well, we got the answer right here. Borosilicate is nice because it is super durable and thermal resistant. You can literally pour boiling water into this and it won’t explode. Trust me, I added boiling water into a cold soda lime glass and it exploded. It was cool… but dangerous. Don’t do it at home.

We really like this bottle from Kablo. First of all, it has a 365 day replacement policy. If the bottle breaks, then Kablo replaces it. They even pay for shipping and the free bottle. That’s some A+ customer service. It is a borosilicate bottle, so the chances of it breaking are a little less though.

Other than that the bottle contains no BPA, BPA, phthalate, or cadmium. Honestly, we don’t know what half that stuff is, but it doesn’t look natural or healthy, so we don’t recommend [Editor: Joe is just being humorous. We know what all that stuff is. –JW]

You also get a stainless steel lid with this bottle. This makes it leakproof and airtight. The steel is #304 stainless steel. Honestly, this is not the most durable stainless steel (I’m a stainless steel snob). However, this is not a knife; you don’t need a super durable steel.

Type of Glass: Borosilicate

Capacity: 21 oz or 32 oz

Lid Features: #304 stainless steel that is leak proof.

Dimensions: Height: 6.75” (21 oz) Height: 10.25” (32 oz) Diameter: 3” Mouth opening: 2”

Fits in car cup holder? Yes!

Bonus Features: 365 free replacement for broken bottle.

Best Design: Ello Syndicate

Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle with Flip Lid

The Ello Syndicate is a good looking glass bottle. Yes, we know that judging a glass bottle on something as subjective as looks is somewhat difficult.

However, what we really like about this bottle is the large amount of color options that the silicon holder has. This is what separates it from other bottles. Quite frankly, a glass bottle is a glass bottle. There really is not that much that you can do to make it look different from another bottle.

It has the usual features of a push button to open the lid and a carrying loop. This makes it super convenient.

Finally, it’s a 20 ounce bottle and should fit in your cup holder. Obviously every car has a slightly different cup holder, but we’re just being general over here.

Type of Glass: Soda lime

Capacity: 20 oz

Lid Features: One button release and a silicon spout. Also has a carrying loop made out of nylon string.

Dimensions: 2.8” x 2.8” x 10.8”

Fits in cup holder? Yes!

Bonus Features: No risk of chemicals seeping into your water.

Best Bamboo Lid: ORIGIN Glass Bottle

origin glass water bottle with bamboo lid

Want a bottle with a bamboo lid?

This is your bottle. Now, a bamboo lid isn’t exactly the best for keeping a seal or preventing leaks. However, they do look good and enough people want a bottle like this that we are including it on our list.

You have your standard borosilicate glass bottle here (available in 14 oz, 22 oz, and 32 oz). Again, there isn’t much difference between this and the other bottles. The sleeve is silicon and blocks out the entire view of the bottle, which makes it slightly annoying.

Borosilicate is still nice. It means that you can use it with pretty much anything. This is the same glass that they use to make lab beakers. It’s good.

The bamboo lid looks great though. It gives off that jungle and natural vibe. I’m not sure how to describe it, but I like it. The mouth opening is a little small. You can’t really use it for ice, but you can load this up with cold water. So that isn’t too much of a concern.

Type of Glass: Borosilicate

Liquid Capacity: 14 oz, 22 oz, and 32 oz

Lid Features: It is bamboo. It also has a carrying loop that you can wrap around your finger.

Bonus Features: They donate 2% of revenue to a non-profit that builds water wells in Ghana.

Best Combo Pack: Sagler 6 Pack

glass bottles

A combo pack is a great value pick. For the price of one bottle, you get six. You can’t really beat that. Now, the quality of the bottles might be questionable. However, with six different bottles that gives you plenty of room to make mistakes.

If you have a big family, then it might just be uneconomical to purchase six bottles at a price of over $30/each.

Now, with the Sagler 6 pack, you get six bottles (duh!). They each can carry 18 oz of water, which is not that much compared to some of the others. You also get a sleeve, which makes gripping it much easier. Remember, it is glass, which means that it will be slippery.

These fit in car holders and are fairly compact. Other than that there isn’t really much to say. Check them out on Amazon.

Type of Glass: Soda lime

Liquid Capacity: 18 oz

Lid Features: Stainless steel.

Dimensions: Height: 8.5″ Width: 2.5″

Can fit in car cupholder? Yes!

Bonus Features: Insulating sleeve to keep your drinks hot/cold and provide some extra grip.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the glass water bottles listed above will work for just about everyone. We gave enough variety with out choices that just about everyone should find something that they need.

Personally, I like using this type of bottle the most. They have no risk of contamination from plastic or stainless steel. They also just look better. I’m not sure if that’s the glass always stays clear or what.

Now, for my personal recommendation. That would have to be the Xtremeglas bottle, seriously. This one does everything that you could ever want a water bottle to do. Plus, it looks good, won’t easily break, and it has the ability to store boiling hot water. I’m not sure if you need to use boiling water, but it definitely shows the versatility that this bottle offers.