Troubleshooting & Fixing an Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Avalon makes high-quality water dispensers – the best on the market. They’re also our favorite bottom loading dispensers. However, even a high-quality water dispenser will break or have some sort of problem.

You have a few options when that happens: throw it away, file a warranty claim, pay someone to fix it, or fix it yourself.

We recommend at least trying to fix it yourself if your warranty has expired. You can file a warranty claim if your warranty has expired. Honestly, most of the time the problem is something easy enough that it’s worth investigating.

Common Problems

Here is a list of common problems that you may face with your Avalon water dispenser:

Water Not Dispensing

Tools: Philips head screwdriver.

Take off the two screws on the back that hold the lid on to the machine Next, take off the lid. Make sure you don’t disconnect the wires.

Check that the plastic dispensing rods are connected to the reservoir. Reconnect them if they aren’t connected.

If that doesn’t work, you should make sure that the tank actually has water in it. You need to activate the tank if it is empty. Follow the directions in your owner’s manual to activate the tank.

Water is Dripping Out

Tools: Straightened paper clip

Water dripping out is usually caused by debris getting stuck in the dispenser. Simply straighten out a paperclip, press the button to make water flow, and shove the paperclip around the hole. This should dislodge any foreign objects.

Cold Water is Room Temperature

The cold water switch on the back is usually turned off. Turn it on and wait about an hour for the water to fully cool down.

Call the Avalon troubleshooting line if it’s already turned on. You may have a defective unit.

Hot Water is Room Temperature

Again, the switch on the back is probably turned off. Reach around the back and turn the switch on. It takes about 20 minutes for the water to warm up.

Once again, call Avalon if your switch is already turned on.

Preventive Maintenace Tips

If your Avalon water dispenser is self-cleaning, then make sure to use that feature. Push and hold the button on the back for three seconds. The green light on the front will blink while the unit cleans itself.

It takes about 90 minutes to clean. You can’t use it while it’s cleaning, so don’t clean it when you may need to use it.

These things aren’t difficult to clean if you don’t want to use the self-cleaning feature. Simply wipe the spigot with a soapy rag once a week. Make sure that you don’t leave any soap on the spigot – that’s gross.

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